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Today's comic

Six Degrees!
The contest is now closed, and what great entries were entered!

Here are the entries!

#1. A magnificent piece of Nitro-linking by EngrBohn!

#2. The fabulous and groovy ARJ-A-Go-Go!

#3. The great entry from Nathan!

#4. The Godzillian entry from JimS!

#5. The second entry from JimS!

#6. Martin's "Sound of Mus-zac" entry!

#7. JimS's third incredible entry!

#8. chromatic's perl camel cowboy entry!

#9. GreenEggs's Nitrozacian cubicle entry!

#10. ARJ's lyrical second entry!

#11. JimS's FOURTH entry... a micro-composition!

#12. A hilarious comic entry from John Debes!

The Winners!!!

Nitrozac has spoken. Drum roll please....
Choosing a winner was really difficult!.... I wish I could give every entry a big prize, but alas, I had to choose...

First Prize:
EngrBohn, for his magnificent piece of Nitro-linking!
This entry is funny, cool, and the sheer volume of degrees to Nitrozac truly boggles the mind! I especially liked the easy-to-read table!

Second Prize:
JimS, for his FOURTH entry... an AY2K micro-composition composed of the comics themselves.
I was rather mesmerized by this entry, jealous that I didn't think of something this good myself, and extremely impressed by the concept, and execution! Well done!

Third Prize:
ARJ, for her wonderful, fabulous and oh so groovy ARJ-A-Go-Go!
I love this entry! It truly illustrates what it's like to be assimilated by La Cutest! ARJ is a regular on our message board, it's great to see fans having fun with this contest! Way to Go-Go ARJ!

Each winner will get their choice of any t-shirt Geek Culture has to offer!

Magnificent Valour to:
John Debes, for his hilarious comic entry and GreenEggs, for his Nitrozacian cubicle entry! Each Magnificent Valour winner will receive a Nitrozac-signed poster!

Honourable Mention!
Kudos and accolades to chromatic's perl camel cowboy entry, the Slashdot-ian entry from Nathan, and Martin's "Sound of Mus-zac" entry!

The People's Choice Award
The People have spoken..... and what a close race it was!!!! The award goes to ARJ!!!!! You can view the final voting results here. Three cheers to ARJ! All hail her GoGo assimilation!

Thanks again to everyone for submitting such great entries!

Here's the fabulous prizes!
Tubes Rock t-shirt!
First Post
First Post t-shirt!
Slashdot Gladiators!
Signed Prints!

What the contest was about:
This time we were looking for you to send in some cool stuff that has something to do with After Y2K. For instance, you could send in a picture of your geek-o-sphere with your favorite episode on the computer monitor. Or take a picture of yourself wearing an After Y2k t-shirt. Or you could print out a character, then take a picture of the print-out in a wacky location. Or you could also enter some poetry, or a song, or just about anything you'd like! The only stipulation is that it obeys the "Six Degrees of Nitrozac".

Everything, everywhere can be linked back to Nitrozac (or After Y2k), in at most, six steps.

Bonus points are awarded for connecting everything in a photo in some way to AY2K. ( ARJ's example: "I took this photo in Las Vegas, where AWE was held, holding my teddy bear, who is a cousin of Simon the Teddy Bear, and wearing a pair of boots, because Nitrozac likes boots..."

The Rules:
Enter as many times as you wish, but only one prize per person. Please submit your email address with your entry, in case you do win, as we will need to get your shipping information. If someone other than yourself is in a submitted photo, you must have their permission before submitting it. By submitting an entry, you give us permission to post it on the website for a long, long time, and perhaps even include it on a CD. Hmmm, what else? I'm sure there'll be more later. ;-)

Thanks to all who entered and Good Luck!

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