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LOL! Here's some great shots sent to me by Mark who runs The Mac Doctor, (he's an Apple Dealer from British Columbia Canada.) I've included his email.... love the fan hack!

Hi Snaggy,

Here is a snap of me and my family in the Naramata Parade. A definite geek family outing. The iMac heads are handmade from the original 266MHz retail promo cases. I removed the internal base plates and front screen plastics. Then I installed computer fans into the top of the units for cooling, wired a small toggle switch to the front headphone port, hot glued in a black fabric for the monitor front, modified the bottom case so it snapped around our necks, and rigged a support system for our heads inside the unit with elastic material. A little bit od foam on the bottom to cushion our shoulders and we were set!!

We walked the entire 4km parade route with these things on our heads in 40 degree heat. The fans helped a lot. We also have two Boston Bull Terrier dogs called.. are you ready... Mac and Tosh. They have their own Apple vests and logos with their names on them.

We have three children 11, 9, 8 that were in the parade as well and they were real troopers, wearing their Mac heads and waving to the crowds. We also entered the PeachFest Parade in Penticton (one of the largest parades in Canada) and we were highlighted on local television.


Obviously, an RCMP Escort was necessary. They always get their Mac. :-)

Here's a nice shot of the whole Mac-y family!

Close-up! Check out Mac and Tosh in full uniform.
Hmm, I wonder if the dogs could wear Cubes in the next parade? ;-)