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Among the fist fight'n men... who's hotter?
Eric S. Raymond, aka "Popeye the Slugger Man", ... "eh too Brutal, than fall Bully". 39 8%
Rob "Tough Guy" Malda, the real-life Rock'em Sock'em Robot, ... he'll knock your block off with his Quickie! 46 10%
Hulk Hemos, Master of Testosterone! ...like Captain Kirk, his shirts have a tendency to rip off. 27 6%
Impossible to decide, ... face it, you're just afraid to choose one over the others, in case they come a fist'n fer ya. 337 74%

(May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and our apologies if you didn't get that darn Catch the Monkey banner.)

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