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What are you going to wear at Abacus World Expo?
My designer abacus threads,... GAP Beads. 68 5%
I bought Neil Armstrong's spacesuit just for that purpose, ... I was going to wear James Irwin's patch, but I'm alergic to moondust. 117 8%
Some deodorant and cologne, just in case I get close to the TTB's, ... that would help, but remember the TTB's are mainly into brains. 577 42%
A full body, totally realistic alien costume, ... that would go over better than the half-body, completely fake looking one. 101 7%
I'm going in my underwear, just like I did at Linux World Expo, ... what better way to get free t-shirts! 484 35%

(May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and a fondness for certain printed fabrics.)

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