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Current QuickPoll results for 1357 entries:

If there were such a thing as an "Abs World Expo", who would you like to see give the keynote?
Charles Atlas, The Father of Modern Day Abs, ... friend, can you spare a dime?!! 102 7%
Linus Torvalds, obviously ... he's quite a cruncher... of code! 160 11%
Hemos would have to keynote, or attendance would suffer, ... as those foolish organizers of Abs World Expo '98 found out first hand! 104 7%
One of the Techno-Talking Babes... as if the others ever had a chance... 944 69%
The Geek, ... such a cute little rollie-Pollie! 47 3%

If you voted for a Techno-Talking Babe, which one would you prefer to keynote?
Dawn, ... she's in great shape, and she doesn't even know it! 262 19%
Fawn, ... she's in great shape, and the polls usually show it! 441 32%
Brandy, ... she's in great shape, and she shows it! 264 19%
Bambi, ... she's in great shape, and she enjoys it! 166 12%

Now, after all this talk about abs, are you kinda super turned on?
Yes, ... yes, oh god YES! 393 28%
No, ... the Boss is looking 302 22%
I can't tell anymore, ... my brain is bleeding from too many questions! 621 45%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and three sets of thirty reps (That's jock talk, for you geeks in the audience.)

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