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Hey, that's Fawn with the Geek! Where's Dawn?
She's all hopped up on Hawaiian with Dude, ...oh oh, now they're breaking into his chocolate-covered Macadamia nuts! 119 8%
She's hunting Internet Monkeys with Relic, ... you see, the best time to hunt them is at night, when they are asleep in the money trees. That way they are very easy to net! 132 9%
She's in bed with the other TTB's, ... they're all asleep in their tent. Fawn's a real night owl! 449 31%
She downed a few too many Slashdot cupcakes, ... betcha can't eat just one! 243 16%
She's working late at her portable Laboratory again, ...she calls it her Porta-Labbie! 500 34%

(May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and astronomical calculations.)

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