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Current QuickPoll results for 1443 entries:

What's that equipment the aliens are hiding beside?
The new iMacs ... oh oh, hopefully Apple won't sue me for drawing them! ;-) 102 7%
Subwoofers and THX sound boxes... they have a wicked stereo, ... in space, Barry Manilow never sounded so good! 189 13%
Stuff they found in TransMeta's dumpster, ... just a bunch of fusion-powered pizza warmers and a gated store buffer for controlling the execution of memory store operations to system memory generated during execution of a sequence of instructions by a processor comprising of a plurality of storage positions. In other words, all the good stuff went to the Mothership. 695 48%
Cases and cases of delicious Slashdot cupcakes, ... yes, but did they just pick some up, or are they delivering them? 131 9%
Those Abacus World Expo t-shirts that Nitrozac is "supposedly" having made up, ... get ready for the "Buy one, get preferred status during the Invasion" sale. 325 22%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and tiny flaws that occur during the holographic duplication of data.)

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