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Who's that guy beside Relic?
He's a generic geek whose life's research has been studying how the female form is influenced by, and influences, qualities of light and shadow, ... sound familiar? 125 9%
He's some geek who stepped on a rusty nail a few weeks back, and now his jaw is stuck open, ... always pays to get a tetanus shot, especially around the TTB's! 91 6%
He's an astronomy geek, and he's just out looking for heavenly bodies, ...there has been some magnificent sightings lately! 374 27%
He's the guy who was voted "best dancer" by the TTBs, ...his pogo really rocks! 80 5%
He's the Tent Admin, ... he boots up the tent network, assigns users and passwords, maintains tent integrity, then reformats and optimizes the tents for transport the next day. 670 49%

(May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and canvas flapping in the wind.)

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