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What the heck are the Dogs of Expo?
Really delicious frankfurter-style eatables, available only at Abacus World Expo, ... as long as Relic ain't the cook! 227 15%
Kinda like the Dogs of War, only way funnier, ... even funnier in the original Klingon. 525 35%
Kinda like the Dog Days, only cooler, ... Dog Days? Are they like Dog Shooting Day? 32 2%
A punk band that'll be playing at the AWE party, ... hopefully they'll play "Stairway to Abacus". 329 22%
It's a typo. Nitrozac meant to say "The Dougs of Expo", ... two really nice maintanence guys who change the burned out candles. 346 23%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and the Dogs of Math.)

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