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Current QuickPoll results for 1797 entries:

Who's Hotter?
Jean-Louis Gasse, artist/inventor of the Be Abacus, ... you can tell a lot about a geek from his OS! 209 11%
Steve Jobs, recent graduate of Mime School, ... think about all that charisma and non-stop energy! 46 2%
Woz, all around cool guy and abacus superstar, ... everyone loves a teddy bear! 294 16%
Mighty Negroponte, Digital can be sexy! 58 3%
Michael Dell, his cowpoke buddies call him Mike, ... who could possibly resist that Double Belt Buckle! 34 1%
Mr. Microsoftie, ... or is that Ms. Microsoftie, ... not even the parents know for sure, and I'm not telling. 32 1%
AWE Registration Geek on the left, ... boyish good looks, and a punkish charm. 52 2%
AWE Registration Geek in the middle, ... classic geek appeal. 28 1%
AWE Registration Geek on the right, ... very huggable, don't you think? 29 1%
Post-Y2K Canadian Dollars, ... a little loonie, but don't say we didn't warn you! 1015 56%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and the certainty of uncertainty.

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