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Current QuickPoll results for 1326 entries:

Who's your favorite "Beadette" showgirl?
The one on the top left, she's cute, ... her twin sister is cute too, she's the one on the left in the middle. 50 3%
The one on the top right, she's very sexy, ... she's very hot! They call her Tiger-Girl backstage. 40 3%
The one on the bottom left, she's a dreamboat, ... she's very sweet, a little naive though, she hopes to headline some day. 22 1%
The one on the bottom right, she's adorable, ... she comes from a long line of adorable showgirls, her sister worked with Tom Jones! 39 2%
The one in the middle, she's carrying the show with her talent, ... yes, I'm glad you noticed, she's the hardest working cartoon showgirl in showbiz. 149 11%
The Beadettes are a collective, a "favorite" is irrelevant, ... perhaps, but remember, every collective must have a Queen. 1025 77%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and extravaganza!

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