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Why is it that vats of goo are usually green?
The goo is always greener on the other side, ... is that why the chicken crossed the road? 290 11%
Because goo usually always has some soylent green in it, which reflects green light, ... I hate getting a bowl of soylent red, don't you? 475 18%
Because green means go, and that's very close to goo, ... unless the goo is really sticky. 329 12%
The green colour symbolizes the geeky component of the cartoon character's souls, ... either that or they're Irish. 197 7%
Because if goo was pink, everyone would think it was punch and drink it all, ... it's true, it happened at last year's Geek Culture Christmas party. 1329 50%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and deuteranomaly.

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