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How the heck did the Geek stow away on the Time Machine?
He folded himself up like origami, ... his nickname's "the Crane". 859 54%
He was hiding behind the fat TTB, ... not that hard to do, since he is only 1 pixel thick. 152 9%
He shrunk down using the Time Machine's compression unit, ... luckily it uses a lossless compression scheme. 91 5%
He hid in their luggage, ... is that why he smells so good now? 395 24%
The Geek lied. He didn't stowaway, he was already there. You see, he's over 2,000,000 years old!, ... that's a lot of millenniums! 934 59%

(May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and missing links.)

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