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Current QuickPoll results for 2008 entries:

Do you like to dance?
Yes, I am the King of Boogie, ... um, I didn't say booger. 304 15%
Yes, I am the Peasant of Boogie, ... I'm sure your Boogie is quite pleasant. 295 14%
No, I prefer to engage in wall flowering, ... sounds like something Martha Stewart would be good at. 334 16%
I'm not sure, I've never been asked to dance, ... if you've never been asked, then you really should ask. 148 7%
If by dancing, you mean flailing and gyrating about in public, then no. If you mean in private, then yes, ... traditionally, public displays haven't been a big part of geek culture. 925 46%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and one last hope.

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