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If black holes are so cool, why do the movies made about them tend to be so bad?
Because the scriptwriters don't consult Stephen Hawking first, ... to get it right, you've got to go to The Source. 483 25%
Because black holes suck, ... that is the oldest joke in the physics department! 537 28%
Because as the scripts are being written, they tend to be torn apart by gravitational forces, ... then ripped to pieces by the critics. 183 9%
No big mystery, they are just singularily bad, ... it is possible to create a black hole with an infinitely horrible pun? 337 18%
What do you mean? The Black Hole was awesome, ... on DVD, it's twice as bad! ;-) 332 17%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and God playing dice.

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