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Current QuickPoll results for 1916 entries:

What's your favorite Grace Hopper achievement?
Her invention of the first computer compiler, ... In 1952 she had an operational compiler. "Nobody believed that," she said. "I had a running compiler and nobody would touch it. They told me computers could only do arithmetic." 181 9%
Her development of COBOL, ... oh well, try not to hold it against her ;-) 92 4%
Her finding and naming the first computer bug, ... a real moth, which she pasted into the UNIVAC I logbook "Relay #70, Panel F (moth) in relay" ... or is this a geek myth? 427 22%
Her neat nano-second demo, ... what is the length of wire that an electron travels in a nano-second? 191 9%
She had a warship named after her, ... The USS HOPPER (DDG 70), and did you know she was the first woman to achieve the rank of rear admiral? 336 17%
The way she's gonna give Tubes hell! ... they didn't call her "The Bug Exterminator" for nothing! 687 35%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and clocks that run backwords.

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