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Current QuickPoll results for 1911 entries:

What mascot would you like to see at Tubes World Expo?
Tooby the talking Tube, ... arriving on our planet as a tube-tot, he was raised by kindly country folk as their own. 104 5%
Rocky, the foul-mouthed tube with a warm heart, ... his appearances are usually marked by protests, but insiders know that all the money he collects goes to charity. 274 14%
Simon the Teddy Bear, would be wonderful, ... he who has served geekdom with distinction and valor, we salute you. 327 17%
Some kind of Tube Blow-up Doll, of course, ... everybody loves a good blow-up doll, but are they setting trends this year? 320 16%
Booth Fluff sounds kinda yummy, ... they come in three fluffy flavours... strawberry blonde, chocolate brunette, cherry redhead. 212 11%
Mascots represent all that is evil with conventions, ... especially for those who have to wear the costumes. 673 35%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding and booth fluff clogging up the processor.

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