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Current QuickPoll results for 1711 entries:

In the Star Trek Convention of Life, which are you?
a Klingon, ... proud, honourable, but possessing a bit of a temper. 74 4%
a Tribble, ... just a harmless little critter, one that tends to cause massive destruction when it gets together with its friends. 37 2%
a Captain Kirk, ... or a Picard perhaps? (Pike was cool too!) 46 2%
a Beverly Crusher, ... mother of the all powerful, great and wise Wesley Crusher! ;-) 35 2%
a Scotty, ... who is the better engineer, Scotty or Geordi? 304 17%
a Deanna Troi, ... how sensitive of you! 42 2%
a Spock, ... was it illogical of me to leave out Data as a poll option? 292 17%
a "red shirt", doomed from the first frame, ... does a scream count as a speaking part? 510 29%
I viewed the results, ... beam me up! 370 21%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and losing a member of the crew on an away mission.

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