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Note: this comic and its poll evolved as the day progressed and Bill's grip on the comic slipped. AY2K fans "bugged" him by voting, posting, and putting their cursors in his face, and I worked to regain control of this main page from the poll page (the Bill's news and the Bill Cam changed throughout the day, as did the poll image). I've left the page in it's final version, with Bill on the verge of collapse. It was a lot of fun, and thanks to everyone who participated!
After Y2Kemail Bill Gates!
Hi, It's Bill Gates here! Enjoy the new
After Y2K 2000™ comic written by me!

Oh yes..., you don't really have to go to the poll, do you?

The way the future really was, by Bill Gates!

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The After Y2K 2000 QuickPoll was...
(Bill says... "You don't have to do the poll. Please don't vote or view results because there is nothing there that would interest you. Really. Don't. Thanks!")
Where would you like Heroic Bill Gates to go today?™
  • Go to bring freedom and love to the non-Microsoft world!
  • Go to rescue puppies from a burning building!
  • Go to develop the next killer app!
  • Go to listen to the schoolchildren, ... find out their hopes and dreams!
  • Go to .... other.

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Bill Gates News:
  • Please you're going to lose me if you keep clicking the poll. I can't think straight! I'm melting!
  • Oh, by the way, Chromatic, I thought your little "Squish Bill " page was not that nice! For those who wish to complain and hopefully BAN this hacker from the net forever, go here Bill Gates Boot Squad and protest!
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or if you must...
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(but Bill feels the comic's way better since he took over, so why bother?)

Bill says... "I haven't been able to establish control over these links, so please don't go to them."
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After Y2K 2000™ is a clever and funny and genius look at what will happen in the future! Originally created by Nitrozac, but now completely and fairly stolen by me, Bill Gates, it follows the wonderful life of me and how I do so much for you all!

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