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After Y2Kemail Nitrozac!

a vanishing!
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Don't forget, the comic continues in the Quickpoll, ... so for more laughs, view the poll!

The QuickPoll was...
What do you use as a "cone of silence"?
  • My car.
  • My cubicle.
  • The dunce cap my boss makes me wear.
  • An ice cream usually stops my crying.
  • Putting my hands over my ears and screaming helps.

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On a sad note, the world lost the beautiful and talented Techno-Taking Babe Hedy Lemarr, best known as sex symbol and actor, but she also invented 'spread-spectrum' or frequency-hopping radio (with composer George Antheil). She made headlines recently after Corel used an un-authorized drawing of her on their Corel Draw product. Here's the real picture. Rumour has it there will be a QuickPoll image tribute tomorrow. :)

We may change the message board to the Ultimate Message Board style, check it out, and see what you think. It is easier to find new posts, and manage, etc...

real life TTB, Tina Gasperson, has written a great review of After Y2K ...thanks Tina!

Geeknik.net has an interview with me... hey, if you post some comments I'll read them. :) Thanks Brian!

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After Y2K™ is a frightfully funny look at what might happen if the Millennium Bug bites hard! Created by Nitrozac, it follows the hapless exploits of a perhaps-slightly-over-paranoid geek as he and his friends seek to come to terms with the legacy of careless coding. The setting: the days and months after January 1st, 2000... all computers, high technology, and most electricity is gone... civilization as Geeks know it has collapsed!

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