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After Y2K Click and drag the outfits to dress up Fawn! (You may have to click again to stop the dragging.) Remember, you must have the latest Flash plug-in to drag the clothes!

The dress-up Fawn requires the latest Flash plug-in. You can download it here.
There are now downloadable versions of the Fawn Dress-up for Mac and Windows,
which let you run the dress-up full screen. You can find them on the Fan Club page.

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Don't forget, the comic continues in the Quickpoll ... so for more laughs, do the QuickPoll!
The QuickPoll was...
How do you decide what to wear?
  • It's easy, I only have one outfit.
  • Whatever is cleanest, I wear.
  • I co-ordinate everything to the finest detail.
  • My current wardrobe depends on random fluctuations in the fabric of time.

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