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What's the most horrible way for a red shirt to die?
Phaser on full, ... the most pressing question of the 23rd Century...is the phaser half full or half empty? 26 1%
Fried by a plasma charge from an exploding console, ... Scott supersized his Fried. 92 4%
Knifed by a Klingon, ... if a Klingon's close enough to knife you, you usually die from the foul stench first. 64 2%
Transporter accident, ... my DNA is messed up enough already. 640 27%
Assimilated by Borg, then killed by own fleet, ... friendly fire is mostly unfriendly. 475 20%
Die in sleep watching Star Trek re-runs, ... Talos IV would be a great place to retire, just ask Captain Pike. 610 26%
I beamed up the results. 383 16%

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