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On an AY2K character scale, how are your maze-solving skills?
I'm a Sys Admin. I just blast right through the walls, ... is that a tubedo in your pocket, or are you just mad to see me? 313 21%
I'm a TTB. I carefully and logically plan out my route, ... I wouldn't recommend bread crumbs. 136 9%
I'm a Dude. I rely on my work ethic partner to get me through, ... hey man, Dude works hard making his brew! 143 9%
I'm a Spliff. I rule at mazes, ... Spliff is a lab rat that loves a labyrinth! 217 15%
I'm a Geek. I'm so bad at mazes I'm good, ... Geek's Law... The more mistakes you make, the more likely you'll find the right solution. 178 12%
I'm the red shirt of mazes, ... you have a supporting role as a lost soul. 178 12%
I found the results. 266 18%

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May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and missing switches.