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Current QuickPoll results for 1915 entries:

Whose skeleton is hotter?
Bambi's, ... her pelvis is to die for. 105 5%
Brandy's, ... her phalanges are really cute, it kinda looks like she's waving. 74 3%
Dawn's, ... she has such lovely humerus and radius, but her skull is a little scary at the moment. 123 6%
Fawn's, ... she inherited her delicate and lovely bone structure from her mom. 121 6%
They are all pretty hot at the moment, ... heh, people with skeleton fetishes are always trying to jump their bones. 978 51%
I was kinda hoping to see The Geek's, Dude's, and Kris's skeletons too, ... try using your X-Ray Specs. 144 7%
I used all my 206 bones to view the results. 370 19%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and osteoperosis.
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