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What do you think the "one more thing" was that Steve Jobs said?
He announced that OS X would now be known as OS Spliff, ... the dock has been replaced by a hamster wheel. 183 17%
He announced a rat-themed iMac, ... are you sure it wasn't an iMac-themed Rat? 254 23%
He announced that this was the last time he'd use that "one more thing" line, ... heh, it just makes the next time he does use it that much more exciting. 130 12%
He described in beautiful detail, the Reality Distortion Rodent, ... no really, it's the most incredible and amazing rodent ever! 185 17%
He yelled at Dude for not wearing a suit, ... he would have said something to George Lucas, but he was blinded by his glow-at-the-funeral t-shirt. 125 11%
I eulogized the results. 194 18%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and tenak-ittee.
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