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What?! Why didn't the TTBs get a medal?!
They are boycotting the ceremony, ... they are protesting the medal ceiling in the cartoon universe. 57 3%
Their dresses were too skimpy to portray on a PG rated cartoon, ... you may be able to catch them on Entertainment Tonight though. 827 44%
They were too busy kidnapping Russell Crowe, ... apparently, he didn't resist. 201 10%
That scene will be on the AY2K CD, .... I thought the AY2K CD was just an urban legend! 219 11%
That part of the ceremony was held previously at another location, ... what's the location... the AY2K CD? 217 11%
I imagined that scene. 348 18%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and the roar of the crowd.
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