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Current JoyPoll results for 567 entries:

What would be your favorite chapter of Trolling in a Nutshell?
How to make Enemies and Influence Newbies, ... in Troll space, everyone can read you scream. 42 7%
Trolling for Dollars, Increasing page views with simple trolling, ... be careful, one-click trolling is patented. 35 6%
Stupid Troll Tricks, ... troll over and play dead is my fave. 35 6%
Advanced Trolling, Creating your own new dumb saying, ... Hmmm, here's my go at it... Cold puppet poop, fending for itself. What's yours? 94 16%
Everything you wanted to know about First Post, Its origins, the Legend, its uncertain future, ... and the obligatory t-shirt link. 99 17%
My favorite chapter was moderated down, ... old trolls never die, they just flame away. 192 33%
I viewed the results, along with my troll doll collection. 70 12%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and wild blue hair.

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