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What dangers do your super powers pose to others?
My powers of attraction often make me an unstoppable chick magnet, ... the attractive force of a chick magnet is approximately proportional to the inverse cube of the distance from the hottie. 70 10%
My net surfing abilities can sometimes create white holes of information, ... perhaps your computer needs an event horizon card. 90 13%
My super coding has been known to generate localized text flurries, ... falling from comma-lus and colon-o-nimbus clouds? 77 11%
My remarkable ability to recite user manuals sometimes casts a strange sleeping spell over people, ... user manuals are some people's kryptonite. 97 14%
My super slackerism is surprisingly infectious, ... you know what they say, monkey see, monkey don't do much. 265 39%
My secret identity remains a secret. 72 10%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and Brainiac's shrinking ray.

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