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In your humble opinion, are the three geeks combined man enough for her?
No, you would need at least one more geek, ... it's always good to have backups, especially with geeks. 44 4%
No, all of the geeks in all of Geeksville wouldn't be man enough for her, ... when her server is down, she'll come crawling back. 47 4%
Any single geek is more than man enough for her, ... a man is measured by his mind, at least in Geeksville. 173 17%
What she needs is a manly geek, such as myself, ... yes, the combination of brains and brawn often forms a spontaneous chickmagnet. 430 44%
This cartoon insults my geeky manhood, ... you are such an oxymoron! 157 16%
I drooled over the results. 122 12%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and three snowballs' chance in Hell.

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