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What's the most annoying thing about corn sites?
Those pesky pop-corn windows, ... the corn industry leads the way in such jiffy things. 123 20%
There's hardly any corn sites for women, ... if you know of any, I'm all ears. 34 5%
I always seem to end up in the queer corn section, ... not that there's anything wrong with that... 13 2%
They always want money before showing me the kernel, ... maybe you could get the Free Corn Foundation to lobby them. 217 37%
I'm sorry, call me a prude, but husking just doesn't turn me on, ... sure, I bet you're actually suddenly super corned on. 109 18%
I husked the results. 90 15%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, seed rot, and seedling blight.
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