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What's your favorite reason to sue someone?
Securities Fraud, ... when it comes to tech stocks, isn't securities kinda the wrong word? 8 2%
Failure to supply caffeine and snack products during a coding crisis, ... I believe this is covered by the Geneva Geek Convention. 80 20%
Cruelty and inhumane treatment (short attention span) whenever I talk about my kernel, ... or worse, finding my fDisk soliloquies boring! 25 6%
Irreconcilable differences over OS's, ... in the long run, it's what you make, not how you make it. 91 22%
Inappropriately touching my computer, ... don't sue, just give them the boot! 152 38%
I litigated the results. 40 10%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and prospectus prospectors.
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