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October 11th

October 14th

October 16th

October 18th

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The JoyPoll was...
What do you find the most surprising change?
  • A Mac OS with a command line.
  • Happy Mac ... gone.
  • That Clarus the dogcow was put to sleep.
  • That Linux evangelist Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda is using a TiBook now.
  • That like, Ellen Feiss's second version of her paper, that she like, had to do fast, wasn't as good as her first version, which was a good paper. it was devoured by her PC.
  • That the guy never went back to the cute Fortune Teller to ask her out on a date.
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nmace wonders Where are you all from , ... GMx reports that Spielberg Accused Of Planting Microchip In Woman's Brain , and likes the Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots! , ... Snaggy exclaims Help! Nitro's old beige desktop G3 266 died! , ... neotatsu never got one of these.. , ... mackevin asks Does anybody know something about XCLAIM USB TV? , ... SpikeSpiegel dishes out Las Ketchup, ... Cap'n Vic has some Ratings Questions and is the first to admit I am in love with Janie Porche.....

And in SuperFan Clubhouse Tidbits... Chris Moss notes Logging Sports in Sooke, ... GMx considers forming a Geek Culture Wrestling Federation, ... and then there's the bonus SuperFan content..... Simon vs Prairie Dog Quicktime!

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