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Join the Legion of SuperFans! A completely voluntary subscription to help support our work.

This is a bit of an experiment... a leap of faith between us, the creators of the content, and you, the enjoyer of what we do. Think of it as a chance to become a benefactor, or a philanthropist of Geek Culture.

It's a completely voluntary subscription service. Activated via your PayPal account, it will give us a pre-selected amount a month to help us continue our work on the website, which besides all the fun stuff and the Forums, includes the Joy of Tech comic, the JoyPolls and everytjign else we do here at GeekCulture.com. We also offer it through our webstore, in lump sum time periods.

Roll Call!So what do you get for a small monthly donation? The main thing is, you'll be helping to keep the same great content you're getting now. We've been producing this site for fifteen years now, and we're trying our best to keep it available to everyone. By supporting us with a voluntary subscription, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you're helping us keep on making great cartoons and great web entertainment. It's a leap of faith: if enough super friends can help us in this way, we can continue to provide the laughs to everyone, without taking more drastic steps.

SuperFans also get a 10% discount on any items from our Geek Culture Originals store! Just enter the secret SuperFan Code in the space located in your shopping cart and save 10% on your order! :-) If you don't know the code, just give Snaggy an email.

So you may be thinking, "Ok, what else do I get?" Well, we are now offering Solid Nitrozanium SuperFans the option of being Nitrozac'd, (drawn by Nitrozac) and appearing as an extra in a comic! So that is pretty darn totally cool. Plus there's always the chance your comic will make it into other media, for instance LostinColorado's comic was featured in an issue of MacWorld Plus, and GMx's appearance is printed in MacWorld UK Magazine, and SupportGoddess and Allan got theirs in the magazine too ! As well, maswan's Lord of the Root comic made it into our Best of the Joy of Tech book.... now that is really, really cool!

You'll also get your name up in pixels if you'd like (we're running a SuperFan banner), and we also have the SuperFan Clubhouse, a SuperFan-only Forum, which again is a fun little perk. AND, you can also have your own custom avatar on the Forums! Now that is truly a geek status symbol!

And thanks to dragonman97, you also get access to his "GC Forums Munger" It's a User Script, written for use with the Greasemonkey extension of Mozilla Firefox. It renders the layout/display of the forums in a plain text fashion, with improved functionality in certain areas, and it has some cool features like an "Ignore" feature, so you can now ignore any posters you feel like! Thanks dragonman!

And of course, you'll have our heartfelt thanks.

If you have any suggestions, please let us know what we can do, and we'll try to accommodate. To check out out Patreon fundraising, go here!

Join via PayPal subscription:
$4.65 a month
Gold-Hearted SuperFan
$6.95 a month
Solid Nitrozanium SuperFan!
$9.95 a month, and appear in the comic if you want. :)

Solid Nitrozanium SuperFans can appear in the comic!

Do you prefer to pay in lump sums or send checks?
Join the SuperFans via our Webstore using the form below...

(Visa, Mastercard, Discover card) Available in 6 month or one year subscriptions.

Any additional comments?

Checks or Money orders: If you prefer to send a check or money order, you can make it out to "Geek Culture", and send to:

Geek Culture
Box 77,
Union Bay, British Columbia V0R 3B0

A crazy idea? Perhaps, but maybe, just maybe, enough people will join our Legion of SuperFans so that we can continue to make our website a fun place for everyone.

Of course you can cancel the voluntary subscription at any time. If you have any questions or comments, just ask.


If you're shy about a voluntary subscription, but still would like to help out, you can always donate one sum at a time...

Donating directly via PayPal:
This is our preferred method. It's better for most donations or webstore purchases as we tend to get a larger percentage of the funds, but it does require a PayPal account. Paypal takes about 30 cents on any donation less than $15, and an additional 2.2% on anything over that. Click the PayPal logo to donate.

Donate via our webstore set-up: You can donate via our webstore system, using the provided link below. You can pay by PayPal or cheque/money order, or by credit card, but via credit card is not that great for small donations, since our credit card processor and the credit card companies take about $4 right off the bat. So, the practical minimum here is 10 bucks, of which we will get about 6 bucks, the rest going to the other parties. On the plus side, you don't have to have a Paypal account, (even though they are pretty simple to set up, and pretty handy to have once you do have one).
Make a donation of 10 dollars!
If you'd like, you can add an additional...

Any additional comments?

We don't expect to make a lot with donations, and we don't want to have to depend on them, but they do help, and in more ways than one. In all seriousness, the thought really does count. We know how much you have to care about something to make a donation, so when one does arrive, however small, that really perks up our spirits, and, honestly, makes our day. :-)

What else can I do?
There are lots of other things you can do to support our work, besides buying stuff, bookmaking us, and visiting us as often as you can. Tell some friends about the site, add our amazing self-updating thumbnail to your webpage, post a link on a message board, spread the word via word of mouth, write your favorite magazine and suggest they run the Joy of Tech, or gasp, even find us some advertising! With your help the fun will continue well in the future. :-)

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