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Nitrozac and Snaggy's Mac O'Lanterns!
What would Halloween be without Jack O'Lanterns... with a Joy of Tech twist! We decided to do some pumpkin carving this year, so after Nitrozac did some research on the web, we applied that knowledge to some suitable pumpkin specimens!

Here is Nitrozac's tutorial on how to make your own Mac O'Lanterns, and our latest additions to the pumpkin family... a freaky Rod Serling and Snaggy's "Soft core" pumpkin!

Here's a group shot of our original four Mac O'Lanterns...

Nitrozac did a gorgeous job on her Ellen Feiss pumpkin! Yes, that is a carved pumpkin!

There's more cool pumpkins... scroll down!

with three blade propellers!

Portraits by Nitrozac!

Shots from the webcam... Rod Serling, and Snaggy's tribute to mudflaps girls!

ScreenSaver personality, the lovely and talented Techno-Talking Babe Megan Morrone!

Who is that dashing young pumpkin head you ask? Why, it's David Pogue! Ok OK, he is a little um, fleshy. I guess we couldn't find the David Pogue O'lantern Manual... it's Missing!

Like the old saying goes... the eyes are the windows to the Pumpkin Soul! That O'l Pogue twinkle is there!

Awwww, what a cute little fella! The Ghost of the Happy Mac!

Behold the Great Geek Pumpkin... Steve Wozniak! Halloween has never been happier!

We saved the scariest for last... Snaggy's Steve Ballmer O'Lantern... whoa, the stuff that nightmares are made of!

Here is Nitrozac's tutorial on how to make your own Mac O'Lanterns.. ... and be sure to catch them on the webcam all this week... spooooky stuff!!!

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