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Get lucky!The Joy of Tech's Steve Jobs Dress-up Contest!

Keynote season is here, and it's time to celebrate! I'm sure you're having fun playing with our Steve Jobs Dress-up game... now use your skill to win great prizes!

We're giving away two signed copies of our Joy of Tech book and some of our fantabulous goodies, including our world famous propeller beanies!

So, how can you win? Easy! All you have to do is create a cool outfit from our Steve Jobs Dress up, then take a screen shot and post it to this thread.

Give the outfit a title if you can... something like "Steve Jobs at Moonbase Apple", or "Steve Jobs's long-lost hippy clone". The most creative and fun entries will win!

Here our the Winners!
This was a really tough contest to judge, there were just so many insanely great entries! In the end, we decided to go with four winners, and several honourable mentions. Thanks to everyone who entered, this was a LOT of fun and I suspect we'll be doing it again soon with another character. :)

We loved the "Tootsie" take on this one! Congrats tribe scribe!

Although slightly X-rated, this one was just toooo funny! Congrats Allan!

Darth Mac... RISE!
The first of several Darth-inspired entries, Congrats Metropolis!

"Steve as interpreted by H.G. Wells: The Insanely Invisible Man"
Tech Angel thinks outside the skin!

Honorable Mentions!

Steve Jobs at Burning Man!
LOL Jason!

We loved the iParrot!

Sasha presents... A Clockwork Steve!

Whyren' Jobs of Borg!

Michael sent us.. "Designed by Jonathan Ive" :-D

From Daniel... What happens when Steve listens to his Michael Jackson iPod Shuffle???

Robert's T4!

Steve "The Queer Eye guys kidnapped me" Jobs.
by Justy!

Check out some more of the entries here, and in the Forum Thread!

Here's what was up for grabs... Two winners of signed Joy of Tech Books!

Another winner of your choice of a PodderPouch or Propeller beanie!


Check out some of the entries here, and in the Forum Thread!

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