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The AY2K Techno Talking Torture Contest!

The original comic is here!

The Techno Talking Torture Questions were....
#1. Name the Galilean moons of Jupiter in order of distance from the planet (closest to farthest).
Answer: Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto!

#2. Who first described the fundamental structure of DNA, in what year, and what was the structure?
Answer: Now this was a tougher one... Many mentioned Friedrich Miescher, a Swiss biochemist first discovered "DNA" in 1869 and most people mentioned Francis Crick and James Watson (Maurice Wilkins too) as the ones to first describe the structure and its double-helix shape, but only one mentioned Rosalind Franklin, the scientist who's X-ray diffraction studies were instrumental to the discovery.

#3. Who developed the integrated circuit and in what year?
The answer the Babes were looking for was Jack Kilby in 1958 at Texas Instruments. However, lots of other geeks contributed including Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore!

Contest Winners!!!
I had so many great entries, I decided to give away three Geek Culture
Glow in the Dark Alien t-shirts! Drum roll please...

Winner #1..... Dave Long! (the only one who submitted the Rosalind Franklin information!)

Winner #2... Ryan Worthington!

Winner #3... Griim (Mark Foster)!

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who entered!


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