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What's the worst thing about being blown to bits?
It pretty much eliminates the open casket option, ... on the bright side, the service is probably cheaper. 312 13%
There's a good chance that your ghost is going to look particularly gruesome, ... of course, it depends on how ugly you were when alive. ;-) 197 8%
There's a pretty good chance that your final thought is OMG, I'm being blown to bits!, ... it's a very C3PO thought, don't you think? 281 11%
It's almost guaranteed that some geeks will be arguing over what bit-depth you were blown to, ... I personally would prefer 64 bit rather than 4 bit. 1122 47%
I viewed the results, bit by bit. 457 19%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and atomization.
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